Game introduction:

This game is an international standard single zero wheel, with a total of 37 elongated channels on a single zero wheel. One of the green channels has a number of 0, and the other 36 channels are numbered 1 to 36, half of which is red and half is black. Players can buy a single number or a combination of numbers on the table。

How to win:

After the bet is over, the dealer will turn the wheel in one direction, then throw the ivory ball to the outside of the wheel, let the ball rotate for a few weeks in the wheel and slowly stop and land in one of them. The result of this bureau is in the rill.

Operation and betting guide:
  1. After starting a new game, the betting countdown starts, and players are allowed to put chips on different squares or squares on the table.
  2. The dealer turns the wheel before the end of the countdown and throws the ball.
  3. The result number is entered by the dealer and the player screen displays the result.
Game rules:

The chips are placed on the table of the square with different betting items, you can bet on any square, but bet within the time limit of betting。

Bet method and payout odds:

There are 12 types of betting on the roulette. The bet types and payout odds are as follows.:

Betting item Description Odds
Direct note 1Number (betting any number including 0. Place the chip at the center of that number when placing a bet) 1 :35
Dispensing 2Number (bet on the line between two numbers. For example 2 and 3) 1 :17
Street note 3The number of one line (betting three numbers. Placing the chips on the side of the roulette table with three digits on the right side of the line) 1 :11
Three numbers 0,1,2(Betting on 0, 1, 2 Handover area)or 0,2,3(Betting on 0, 2, 3 Handover area) 1 :11
Corner note 4Number crossing (put the chip to the corner where the four digit boxes intersect) 1 :8
Four numbers 0,1,2,3(Place the chips on the right side of the 0 and 3 intersections below the digits 0, 1, 2 and 3) 1 :8
Line note The top of the intersection of the two lines (bets the chip to the intersection of the top of the two lines (the right side of the virtual table), 6 digits) 1 :5
Column note 12 numbers per column (the box with the word 'column*' at the bottom of each column on the table, 12 numbers, no zero) 1 :2
Bet a dozen Put the chips down to the gambling area with the words “first hit”, “second hit” and “third hit” to bet 12 digits at the same time. (1-12, 13-24 and 25-36 respectively) 1 :2
Red Black The bet lottery number is red or black. If you open 0, pass kill 1 :1
Double/singular The bet lottery number is singular or double. If you open 0, pass kill 1 :1
Large / small Small (1-18); big (19-36); 1 :1
French bet:

French bet: Draw the partition (number, color) on the wheel in an oval shape, and then divide it into 4 partitions according to the gameplay (the lower corner of the roulette, the orphan on the wheel, the upper corner of the zero bet, the zero on the wheel), under the French Note 5 types of bets are available

Bet method:Use the chip to click the "French bet" elliptical roulette corresponding to the gameplay, the roulette betting table shows the chips for each game bet, click OK to submit the selected game method to place an order。

Type of bet Note Bet number
On the wheel 4 0/3;12/15;32/35;26
Zero marginal upper corner 9 4/7;12/15;18/21;19/22;32/35 ---- One note
0/2/3 --- Two notes
25/26/28/29 ---- Two notes
Orphan on the wheel 5 6/9;14/17;17/20;31/34;1
Bottom corner note 6 5/8;10/11;13/16;23/24;27/30;33/36
Adjacent betting 5 Bet the number on the roulette and the two numbers on the left and right (a total of 5 numbers)。
For example: if 18 is selected, the bet number is:9;22;18;29;7
Please note
  • Table red limit is the minimum and maximum game limit for the main gameplay of this game table. The player's bet limit in each gameplay is the intersection of the game red limit and the player's personal limit.
  • If the dealer throws the ball out of the roulette during the game, or if the roulette stops, the game will be re-thrown. In the event of a failure factor, all concerned orders/payouts will be cancelled.
  • If there is a settlement error, re-settlement according to the current video results.
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